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Murray's Hen Hoops are constructed with state of the art composite lumber to create a superior portable chicken coop.

DURABLE The composite frame does not require painting, can be rinsed with a hose and resists moisture, decay and insects. Made with Moisture-sheild composite that is designed for submersion and moisture!

PORTABLE Small coops can be moved by one person using a simple pull rope. Larger coops are easily moved with a lawn tractor, or ATV.

WIND RESISTANT The round design, combined with the sturdy base means our Hen Hoop coops will withstand high winds without turning over. This strong design also provides the ability to handle snowloads better then traditional coop designs.

SAFE Sturdy runners along the bottom conform slightly to keep gaps to a minimum. The hen house has a floor and can be closed at night to ensure your chickens are safe from predators.

COMFORTABLE The insulated roof and ventilation windows keep your chickens cool during the summer. The windows and doors can be closed during inclimate weather and winter for maximum warmth and comfort.



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